New experiences for the Rasovic brothers

Viktor and Strahinja Rasovic (

New experiences for the Rasovic brothers. After the decision of Viktor to leave the Hungarian Szolnoki and sign for the team French Noisy le Sec from Paris, confirmation arrives that Strahinja says goodbye to ZF Eger and goes to VK Radnicki by Kragujevac, champion team of the last edition of the Serbian Cup. After several years spent in Spain and Hungary, he returns to his country since Kragujevac is only 140 km from his native Belgrade. Radnicki, founded in 2012, signs one of the most prolific attackers on the current scene, 263 goals in three seasons with ZF Eger in the best championship in the world, adding another quality signing to his new squad with the aim of returning to compete at the highest level.

Viktor, in turn, bets on the French championship, will play with CNN Noisy le Sec, third-placed in the French league, with the ambition to improve positions for the next season and be able to compete in the European in the future. Have signed a defender as Viktor, clearly demonstrates this goal. The Gallic Water polo thus confirms its commitment to make this sport grow, teams are investing a lot of resources to bring foreign players to their league. We must not forget the good results of the last years of the national team and the CN Marseille champion from last year's Len Euro Cup.

Viktor Rasovic (

The two brothers have signed a contract for only one year.

Strahinja and Viktor were born in Belgrade, the first on March 9, 1992 and the second on August 13, 1993.

Since they were little they have shared a team, starting their professional careers in 2010 with VK Crvena Zvezda (Red Star of Belgrade), with which they achieve two Leagues, two national Cups, a Len Super Cup and the Len Champions League of 2013, at the “Final Four” in Belgrade. At 2015 CN Atlètic-Barceloneta, who already had the opportunity to meet them as opponents in the 2013 semi-final in Belgrade, signed them for two seasons, during which they won all national competitions, two leagues and two Copa del Rey. In 2017After all a life together, the path of the brothers separates, Viktor accepts an offer from the Jug Dubrovnik and moves to Croatia, triumphing in the League, the Croatian Cup and the Regional League. Strahinja decide to sign for the ZF Eger of Hungary, where he stays until last season. Viktor in 2018 decides to leave the Jug to play, he too, in the Hungarian championship defending the colors of the Szolnoki.

Strahinja Rasovic (photo l'esportiudecatalunya)

The Rasovic they will remain separated, each one devoted to their new experience, fighting with illusion to achieve the best possible results and perhaps one day to be able to play together again, as in the national team.

International in recent years under the command of Dejan Savic, they are two very different players. Strahinja is a ruthless attacker with remarkable speed, technique and ease of execution, probably more striking than his brother given his position as an extreme player and the number of goals scored. Viktor is the classic "two" that all coaches wish they had, indispensable. A great defender with a wide vision and an accurate playing position that allows him to be the protagonist also in attack, often in difficult situations. Without a doubt a specialist in his role.

Soon on we will publish a exclusive interview that Strahinja and Viktor have promised to grant us.

Sergio Pratico

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